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Starbreeze’s board wants costs cut after poor Overkill’s The Walking Dead revenues

The board of directors for publisher Starbreeze Studios is ordering management to cut operating costs after slow revenues for Overkill’s The Walking Dead, according to a post on the company’s site.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead came out on November 6 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The cooperative shooter has players fighting together to survive zombie-infested levels, but Starbreeze notes that revenues for the game are lower than forecasted. The studio blames this in part due to a higher share of sales than it expected in low-price countries like Russia and China.

“This is disappointing, of course, but we have a base to work with in regards to the number of games sold,”  said Starbreeze chairman Michael Hjorth on the company’s site post. “We have a pulse of concurrent players, which is essential to future performance within the framework of our games-as-a-service concept. The team is working at full capacity to deliver improvements to the game and new content, and Season 2 will be starting soon.”

What now?

Starbreeze has now initiated a program designed to cut costs and focus on the company’s core business: internal and external game development.

“We have initiated a review of our costs to ensure better alignment with our revenues,” said Starbreeze chief financial officer Sebastian Ahlskog in the post. “We are designing a program towards that end, naturally while keeping a careful eye on revenue development. We must focus on our core business and ensure delivery of the company’s important games.”

Overkill is a developer owned by Starbreeze. The company made its name on the successful Payday series, which are also cooperative first-person shooters (although those games focus on robbing banks instead of fighting zombies).

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