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Google doubles Hangouts Meet limit to 100 participants

Google is doubling the number of participants that can chat simultaneously through the G Suite communications platform Hangouts Meet.

Hangouts Meet, for the uninitiated, emerged last year after Google announced that it was splitting the Hangouts platform into two core services: Hangouts Chat, a Slack-like platform for teams, and Hangouts Meet, a Skype-like videoconferencing application.


Google has given Hangouts Meet a bunch of upgrades since its original launch, and exactly a year ago today the company extended videoconferencing support from 30 to 50 participants for G Suite Enterprise subscribers. Today, Google is expanding that figure to 100, while those on the G Suite Business or Education tier will be bumped up from 25 to 50 simultaneous participants.

Above: Hangouts Meet: Now supports 100 people

It’s worth noting here that these numbers aren’t restricted to internal employees — anyone can dial in as a guest to participate in audio only, and as long as the overall number doesn’t exceed 100, then no limits will be breached.

For comparison, Skype for Business supports up to 250 people, so G Suite still has a little bit of catching up to do there. However, a few months back Google opened up Hangouts Meet to livestreaming, allowing companies to broadcast events, meetings, or messages from the CEO to up to 100,000 people — this is available in view-only mode.

The new expanded participant support will be rolling out for their respective subscribers over the next few days.

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