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Fallout, Catan and more: Black Friday and beyond deals on tabletop strategy games

Tabletop gaming is having a “moment,” from livestreamed Dungeons & Dragons tournaments to dozens of Catan variants to gamers obsessing over plastic miniatures the same way they used to over video game special editions.

Here are some choice discounts on games that are deep and involved, but also reasonably easy to get the hang of. (All deals are available as of Nov. 22, 3:30 p.m. PT.)

Save $26

Fallout: The Board Game, $34

Fantasy Flight Games

I haven’t played this yet, but this price was so good that I had to order it as an early holiday gift to myself. This is a sprawling story driven game in the Fallout universe, and according to reviews, it isn’t too complicated to pick up quickly, and is good for both groups and solo play. 

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Save $25

Catan, $25

This game of exploration, settlement and trade is about as ubiquitous as Angry Birds at this point — it’s on phones, game consoles, and of course, there’s the original board game version (plus many offshoots and expansions). Half off the usual price from Walmart, and you can usually find it for about $39.  

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Save $23

Betrayal at House on the Hill, $26

Avalon Hill

One of the most-loved board games in recent memory, this three-players-and-up adventure takes place in a creepy haunted house. Just beware, one of your fellow players may be working against the team (hence the “betrayal” in the title). 

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Save $22

Zombicide, $37

Guillotine Games

This is the original version of this humans vs. zombies co-op game, which already has several sequels, spin-offs and expansions. The first-gen version still holds up (and there’s a companion app to handle some of the behind-the-scenes bookkeeping). Amazon is selling this for $64 right now, but you can usually find it for around $59.

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Mansions of Madness, $89

Dan Ackerman

Some people play video games, some people play tabletop games. I’m sure there are many who play both. But, an interesting new trend I’m seeing is tabletop games with an integrated video game component. The best example is the amazing Mansions of Madness. It’s a sprawling, Lovecraft-inspired cooperative haunted house game for one to five players that comes in a huge box with dozen of figures, floor tiles and even creepy dice. But the well-reviewed second edition of the game works hand-in-hand with a required game app, available on Steam (for Windows of MacOS), iOS and Android, which acts as an AI game master while also providing spooky sound effects as well as narrative color and keeping track of the mansion’s layout and monsters.  

Yes, this is a nearly $100 board game/video game hybrid, but it’s a fantastic experience, especially when played with friends around a big table. 

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